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Morticious Plants

Morticious Plants features three extremely individual personalities into a wide range of music.  From 60's psychedelic to batcave, industrial, experimental and various forms of rock and metal, with no particular genre as a preference.  You might even find Kradmar and Edelina listening to some hip-hop and grime!

Morticious Plants formed in late 2018 with Edelina joining Danny and Kradmar in the line-up.

It started with us jamming and recording for about 2 months, playing around and experimenting with different sounds and amps.   Although we didn't achieve the sound we were looking for we were all pleased with the strange noise manifesting from our speakers!  It still gives us a bit of a chill when we play it back.

December 2018 saw us putting the final touches to our debut double album, simply titled Volume I & II. The album opens with Mentality of Our Time, Kradmar's favourite song lyrically, a song that wouldn't be out of place in an 80's Goth Rock club!

The album continues with some late 80's industrial and gothic music, with vocals taking a nasty turn in places. These tracks follow into Volume II which takes on a dark, groovy journey, and Kradmar experimenting with vocal effects and some vintage delays, reverbs and a ton of saturation.  (Bassists: Be sure to listen for the vintage foam).

We are Morticious Plants.

Freaks playing freak music for even freakier people.

This is anthemic, this is freak musick.

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Volume I & II

January 2019