In 2013 Filthspitter was formed by Crom Cruach's Kradmar and Cathalstrophic, with Slaine joining on drums.  This line up brought about a more experimental sound to the group, taking influence from early Punk and Black Metal.

Their debut album Recipe For Recession was written, recorded and released in early 2013.  Its core concept was to inform and enlighten a generation trapped by technology with access to everything but reality, and the importance of thinking for yourself, knowing your rights and never backing down, a warning against a drone-like society and the hypocrisies behind the smiles of government crooks.

A second release for Filthspitter came in 2014 following Cathalstrophic's departure.  Both Kradmar and Slaine contributed to the vocals on Stand The Fuck Up.  The album takes inspiration from early Hardcore/Punk bands like Black Flag, Bad Brains and Crass' do-it-yourself approach, even going so far as to make a return to self-production.

February 2016 brought with it a new release from Filthspitter. Titled Terminal Intentions, it is a more personal album from Kradmar and Slaine, again both contributing on vocals. It was written as a biography of their life experiences and social values, about overcoming, surviving and growing. The music journeys from folky protest through to hardcore punk, ultimately taking it beyond its base genres. 

Late 2016 also saw the departure of Cathalstrophic from all of the bands' line-ups.  Kradmar and Slaine continued work into the New Year when Danny Ferguson was invited to join.  Kradmar would now become the band's vocalist and bassist, with Danny taking lead guitar.  The fresh injection into the group reinvigorated not only the band's sound but the entire working atmosphere - diving into album production with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Pisschorded Future was released mid-2017 on CD only, until it's full digital release in October. Listeners described hearing influences from Pil (particularly Lydon's vocals) and Killing Joke.

2018's Rejectdead sees Filthspitter literally thrashing Punk to death with the ultimate crossover insanity, especially with the songs You're Fucking Done, and Drone War.  The album includes a hardcore-style of song in Rejectdead, followed by the weird and wonderful I Know My Mind, ending nicely on the instrumental The Sombre March From Hell.

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